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For BLOM BANK, our responsibility as a corporate citizen is not only about charity donations; it is also about making positive investment decisions that maintain a sustainable balance between society and our business.

Our mission is to provide Peace of Mind, to our clients and to the society at large, through the implementation of various programs in the banking field that serve the community.

BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon
As part of BLOM BANK’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and giving back to the community which is deep-rooted in our philosophy, we have entered with Beirut Marathon Association in long-standing partnership, dating back to 15 years. BLOM BANK’s support of Beirut Marathon has allowed the BMA to build a platform for NGOs to raise funds, and for runners to promote athleticism and champion their causes. This partnership not only helps philanthropies and various causes; it also has very positive impact on the Lebanese economy. On another level, this fruitful collaboration has put Lebanon and BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon on the international map of sport events and awarded it the Silver Label Road Race by International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).
Beirut Traders Shopping Card
A Card Like No Other
An example that we are quite proud of is being able to give small retailers the possibility to be part of co-branded programs through the Beirut Traders Shopping Card, providing them thus with the liquidity and loyalty solutions to their customers that only large retailers where able to give.

This card encompasses the largest network of retailers’ offers in Lebanon (we began with 500 retailers and the number has now increased to 1000) and is linked to a special loyalty program from which both retailers and customers can benefit. With this program, we are reducing the gap between large and small retailers.
BLOM shabeb
A Comprehensive Youth Orientation Program

Based on our belief that the youth of today can shape tomorrow’s world, we have established a program to guarantee a successful future and career path to the pillars of our society. BLOM shabeb Program is a comprehensive platform that helps the Lebanese young generation plan their education and facilitate their career choice to ensure a successful future. The program provides indispensable information needed to create a suitable medium for a beneficial discussion between students, professors and parents concerning academic decisions and future careers. It also provides frequent job fairs, career events, and work-related workshops to enhance the marketability and labor market options of graduates.

Furthermore, as our business remains that of helping the youth become financially independent and knowledgeable, we embarked into enhancing the financial literacy of youth.

Within the same scope of activities, BLOM BANK embraced a new endeavor in 2013: Protect ED program, which is a Canadian program adapted to meet Lebanon’s specific cultural and safety needs, and offers kids preventative, proactive, and innovative safety education.

With a focus on physical safety, road safety, ethics, good citizenship and internet safety, Protect ED builds confidence, reduces risks, and protects the future of our children. This is why BLOM BANK is proud to have contributed in spreading more “Peace of Mind” to the community and the country as a whole.

Demining Program
A Noble Cause For A Safer Nation

BLOM BANK chose the demining cause because we believe in the right of communities to recovery, freedom and development. Therefore, we have introduced in 2010, the BLOM MasterCard “Giving Card”, a first of its kind program in the world. In collaboration with the Lebanon Mine Action Center, a unit in the Lebanese Army, the BLOM “Giving Card” assists in the removal of mines and cluster bombs from the Lebanese territories. Donations are made whenever BLOM MasterCard Giving cardholders pay the card’s annual fee and whenever they use their cards for purchases or for cash withdrawals without bearing any extra cost.

What is also remarkable about the “Giving Card” initiative is that it embodies three goals that are highly valued in our reputed programs of Corporate Social Responsibility. First, and most important, is the humanitarian goal of providing a living space that is free of the instruments of death and killing, and available again for a life full of dignity and hope. Second is the social goal of clearing these areas where people can socialize freely again and contribute to a safe, peaceful, and humane community. Third is the economic goal of enabling the land to be productive again and be a source of income and creativity, and ready to be utilized for housing, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or cultural purposes. All three goals reinforce our belief in the program and motivate us
to give more and work harder to achieve them.

Supporting Startups
A Strong Believe in Entrepreneurship

Tech startup firms are especially appreciated for their job creation benefits and resilience to economic downturns when jobs are less available and entrepreneurship becomes more tempting. Yet, they are the ones facing most difficulties when it comes to financing. BLOMINVEST BANK, the investment arm of BLOM BANK, was part of a national scheme to inject $400Mn in knowledge/technology related local startups, in accordance to Circular 331 issued by Banque du Liban. The initiative guarantees 75% of commercial banks’ investment in startup companies and incentivizes banks to finance and partner into promising projects in the ICT/knowledge sector with the ultimate aim of transforming successful ideas into investment opportunities. BLOMINVEST BANK was actively involved in the structure, placement, and closing of three funds: MEVP Impact Fund, Berytech Fund II and Leap Investments I.

Moreover, BLOMINVEST is proud to put its employees’ expertise at the service of each
entrepreneur looking for advice and asking for assessment

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