BLOM BANK is a leading Lebanese bank which has repeatedly and unanimously been selected as the Best Bank in Lebanon by the most recognized regional and international institutions. Its successful business operations are based on a universal banking model that includes: Commercial Banking, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, Investment Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, Retail Banking, Islamic Banking, Brokerage Services, and Insurance Products and Services.

As one of the oldest established banks in Lebanon, if not in the region, BLOM BANK has always been at the forefront of the country’s banking system. Its universal banking services revolve around trust and credibility, built with its clients through long-term personal relationships, integrity, and the strong financial fundamentals that it has consistently achieved. BLOM BANK is proud to have become over the years its clients’ preferred banking partner and investment reference, meeting all their financial needs and ensuring their “Peace of Mind”. BLOM BANK is also proud to extend this “Peace of Mind” to the larger community, through its de-mining and planting of trees initiative the BLOM MASTERCARD “Giving Card”, its educational initiative “BLOM shabeb”, its safe schools program “ProtectED”, and its recycling program for a greener environment “Green Cycle”.

Throughout the years, BLOM BANK has consistently maintained a track record of solid performance and growth that carried over to 2016, despite the continuing unstable political and economic conditions facing the region. BLOM’s operational and managerial efficiency has enabled it to maintain by end 2016 the lowest cost–to-income ratio among its peers at 35.81%, and helped generate a rise in its net profit to $463.31 mn. Net profit was also supported by the rise in profits at the Bank’s foreign units and subsidiaries. As important, it implied the highest return on average common equity among listed banks at 17.43%. In terms of balance sheet aggregates, assets increased to $29.53 bn and shareholders’ equity to $2.95 bn while customers deposits stood at $24.81 bn. Moreover, total loans reached $7.16 bn, with retail loans constituting close to $3 bn, the largest share in the Lebanese market.

The Bank also attained strong financial indicators, for the ratio of gross non-performing loans stood at 4.2%, with a coverage ratio of 161% when accounting for real guarantees and private and collective provisions. In addition, the primary liquidity ratio reached 72.7% and the capital adequacy ratio according to Basel III stood at 19% compared to a required ratio of 14%.

BLOM BANK’s strategy is based on measured regional expansion to markets with strong potential and on the continuous technological modernization and diversification of its universal services, both placing it as a leading bank in the Arab region. As a result, BLOM BANK has the widest foreign presence among Lebanese Banks, and is currently present in the following 12 countries: Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, France, UK, Switzerland, Romania, Cyprus, Egypt, Qatar, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It conducts its worldwide operations either directly or through its subsidiaries, which include: BLOM BANK FRANCE, BLOM BANK (SWITZERLAND), BLOM BANK EGYPT, BLOM EGYPT SECURITIES, BLOM BANK QATAR, BLOMINVEST SAUDI ARABIA, BLOMINVEST BANK, BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK (ISLAMIC BANK), AROPE INSURANCE, AROPE INSURANCE OF PROPERTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – EGYPT, AROPE LIFE INSURANCE – EGYPT, BLOM SECURITIES – JORDAN, and BLOM ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY. In this respect, the Bank serves the niche market of Lebanese and Arab expatriates and business people in Europe, and acts as one of the trusted local universal, full-service banks in the Middle Eastern countries in which it is present.

In its drive to diversify its revenue base and enrich its asset class, the bank is constantly looking to strengthen its regional expansion in the medium-to long-term, adopting a balanced growth strategy and adhering to its conservative but rewarding business model. And as always, the Bank will be capitalizing on its regional competitive advantages in terms of common culture, economic interactions, business synergies, outstanding relationships, and the development of its excellent products.

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