Retail Banking

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BLOM BANK offers you a comprehensive range of banking solutions.


Whether you are looking for a car loan or housing loans or if you would like to sign up for a credit card plan, we have the right solution for you.


BLOM retail products and services enjoy an independent, user-friendly website where users can make use of simulators and online application through:


BLOM BANK provides you with a variety of banking accounts that offer free benefits, special programs for your wedding list and employers/employees solutions.


  • Account Plus: You can enjoy the convenience of a current account, which offers a free debit card and provides you with a bouquet of benefits to match your payment preferences.
  • BLOM Wedding List Account: BLOM BANK has put at your disposal a special Wedding list Program, guaranteed to make your special day a unique and rewarding one!
  • Salary Domiciliation: BLOM BANK’s salary domiciliation is the greatest solution for both employers and employees to make the most out of their salary. Domicile at BLOM Bank and benefit from attractive products and services...
  • Oumnyati: ‘Oumnyati’ savings account is another extension of BLOM BANK’s peace of mind designed to provide you with interest on small amounts of money. ‘Oumnyati’ is a time deposit account that allows you to save for a brighter future from as low as 50$ or 75,000 LBP per month...


Enjoy the liquidity and benefit from our bouquet of banking loans.


From prepaid cards, to debit cards, credit cards and charge cards, we put at your disposal all the comfort, convenience, and luxury to make your payment transactions smooth and to insure that your account is within reach anytime, anywhere: Premium Cards, Commercial Cards, Gold Cards, BLOM Giving Cards, Alfa BLOM Cards, Classic Cards, Electron Cards, Picture Card & BLOM shabeb Cards.

Investment & Insurance

BLOM BANK offers you a collection of investment products to help you manage your finances in a better, safer and more profitable way: BLOM Saudi Arabia Fund, BLOM Cedars Balanced Fund, BLOM Petra Balanced Fund, BLOM Bond Fund, BLOM Pyramids, Waladi Plus & Damanati Plus.

Loyalty Programs

  • The BLOM Gifts: Spend without worry! BLOM Bank will keep detailed records of your purchases at participating merchants. Spending and rewards are calculated per card and will be redeemed at the end of the period...
  • The Golden Points: Enjoy taking part in the wonderful world of our Golden points’ loyalty program, where a wide range of rewards and unforgettable moments await you as long as you use your BLOM Card!
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