22 August 2017
BLOM BANK proudly announced the launching of its new service, BLOM PAY, which allows the cardholder of any BLOM VISA card, whether debit or credit to make payments via an android mobile phone with eBLOM app quickly, safely and easily.  BLOM PAY was launched at the headquarters of BLOM BANK...
07 August 2017
Statement of Financial Position Income Statement in USD (1.78 MB) Statement of Financial Position Income Statement in LBP (1.78 MB)  
03 August 2017
Sustainable Performance and Growth   Net Profits ($ Million) Return on Average Equity (ROAE%) Return on Average Assets (ROAA %) Cost to Income (%) BLOM BANK ...
03 August 2017
The private sector’s economic activity remained firmly in contraction area in July, as revealed by Lebanon’s PMI released by BLOMINVEST BANK. BLOM PMI stood well below the 50 mark, which separates economic growth from contraction, with a slight monthly improvement. Report (382...
18 July 2017
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06 July 2017
BLOM PMI revealed its lowest reading in eight months in June at 46.1, down from 46.6 in May, indicating a faster fall in overall business activity. The contraction in the private sector’s business conditions mainly resulted from sharper downturns in new orders and new export orders received...
19 June 2017
BLOM BANK S.A.L. announced that it has fully acquired all assets and liabilities of HSBC Bank Middle East Limited – Lebanon starting June 17, 2017 after obtaining the approval of Banque du Liban.   HSBC operated through three branches in Dora, Ras Beirut, and “Zaitunay...
05 June 2017
The economic contraction of private sector’s activity in Lebanon deepened during the month of May, which is highly associated with the failure of Lebanese politicians in reaching a consensus over a new electoral law by May 15th, the due date assigned for the electoral law. Report (557...
13 May 2017
Income Statement  Statement of Financial Position  Statement of Changes in Equity  Statement of Cash Flow Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements   (5.22 MB)
08 May 2017
Statement of Financial Position Income Statement in USD (1.68 MB) Statement of Financial Position Income Statement in LBP (1.75 MB)  
04 May 2017
The contraction of overall business activity at Lebanon’s private sector slowed down in April as revealed by the BLOM PMI that stood at 47.5, up from 46.9 in March. The progress of the index is mainly linked to decelerating downturns in new orders and export orders over the month. ...
05 April 2017
Contraction in the private sector’s economy accelerated in March as the BLOM PMI declined to 46.9 points. The index remained below the neutral mark of 50, separating economic contraction from growth, for the 45th successive month. The downturn was mainly on the back of overall deterioration...
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